Welcome to coolnerds.com

Random ramblings from a guy who is too busy to have a Web site. On the bright side, you won't find any ads, pop-ups, hype, or any attempts to sell you anything at all. Furthermore, you won't find any pages divided into a hundred little boxes. And the text is so large, you don't need an electron microscope to read it. A refreshing break from reality.  Anyway, here's what I have so far as I gradually resurrect my poor neglected Web site.

PC Survival Camp

Being new to computers, or even just being a "casual user", isn't always fun. It's as though everybody on the planet assumes you already know all the buzzwords, and already possess all the skills necessary to use a computer.  Which is a really big assumption, when you consider that nobody was ever born knowing how to use a computer. The links below provide some quick mini-tutorials on all the skills and buzzwords that everyone else seems to assume you already know. Click on any link (underlined text) for a quick mini-lesson. Use the Back button at the bottom of any page to work your way back to this page.


TechFear Camp Jargon Camp Internet Camp Windows XP Camp
Wrong button! Hardware What is the Net? Desktop
Crash the Internet! Ports What's Bandwidth? Start menu
Erase everything! KB, megabytes, etc. What's Download? Taskbar
Run out of space! Software What Web browser? Quick Launch
Email privacy! Toolbars Getting around Notifications
Viruses!   What e-Mail client? Moving and Sizing
Hackers!   Death to pop-ups Control Panel